Professor Engel is a specialist colorectal surgeon who trained in general surgery in the Netherlands and obtained his specialist colorectal training at the St Mark’s clinic in London, United Kingdom. On completing his PhD “Surgical and physiological aspect of faecal incontinence” in 1994 at the University of Amsterdam, he went on to chair a surgical training program for 10 years and supervised training of well over 30 young surgeons for over 20 years.

Prof Engel is a staff specialist at the Royal North Shore Hospital and North Shore Private Hospital and furthermore holds a teaching position at the University of Sydney. He is also a founding member of the European Society for Coloproctology and has served on many international scientific boards.

Professor Engel has been the centre director of ‘Sydney Vital,’ Translational Cancer Research Centre since 2013 and continuously supports the work that Sydney Vital is contributing to Translational Cancer Research.


Research Interests

His particular area of expertise is colorectal surgery in the elderly, para-stomal hernia, anorectal conditions, faecal incontinence, assessment and treatment of surgical complications and second opinions.

Using HER data to drive translation of evidence into practice and improve cancer care provided by teams and individuals

Cancer Institue NSW 2017

High content oncoproteomics for improved prognostication and treatment response.

Cancer Institue NSW 2017

Using EHR data to drive translation of evidence into practice and improve cancer care provided by teams and individuals

NSW Ministry of Health, MMRF Funding 2017

Exploring a novel      nanotechnology strategy for the neo-adjuvant treatment of rectal cancer by photodynamic therapy and ionising radiation.

Kolling Institute, Ramsay Grant 2017

Exploring a novel      nanotechnology strategy for the neo-adjuvant treatment of rectal cancer by photodynamic therapy and ionising radiation.


Translational Cancer Research Facility for Pre-clinical image-guided focal radiotherapy

Cancer Institue NSW 2016

Neuroendocrine tumour workshop/preceptorship.

Novartis 2016

The further expansion, maintenance and deployment of a tissue bank of paraffin block containing cancers to mirror and expand  frozen tissue assets;

Cancer Institue NSW 2015

The Sydney 1000 Colorectal cancer study, DVC Research/SPARC Implementation – Cancer

The University of Sydney 2015

Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centre Establishment Grant ID # 13/TRC  SYDNEY VITAL Northern Translational Cancer Research Centre.

Cancer Institue NSW 2014

Towards real time data sharing to support patient-centred care, quality health delivery, improvement programmes, performance management and research.

NSW Ministry of Health, Office for Health and Medical Research/Bioinformatics Collaborative Grants Program 2014

Contribution towards Translational Cancer Research “Sydney Vital”

The University of Sydney 2014

Neuroendocrine tumour workshop/preceptorship.

Novartis 2014

Engel A, Bailey D. What is New in Rectal Cancer Treatment.

ANSTO Educational grant 2014

Roach P, Engel A, Roach P, Bailey D. Neuroendocrine tumours.

ANSTO Educational grant 2014

Decision making under uncertainty.

Kolling Institute, Seed Funding 2013

Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Unit Establishment Grant ID # 11/TRU/1-10. Northern Translational Cancer Research Unit. Sep 2013-Jun 2014

Cancer Institue NSW 2013

Optimal track

Development grant. Health insurance Company 2011

LAFA trial

NWO grant 2007

FIT trial

NWO grant 2006

Tumour profiling and long-term outcome in colorectal cancer.

National Cancer Research grant 2005

Surgical research and teaching in Zaandam.

Local charity grant 1996


Equipment Grants

Cancer Institute NSW. Nanostring nCounter in cancer research.

Cancer Institue NSW 2014

Streamlining specimen preparation for researchers from samples stored in biobanks

Cancer Institue NSW 2015

Award Honour Institution Year
Visiting Surgeon Zurich University Clinic 2011
Visiting Surgeon Hamburg University Clinic 2010
BYK Travel Award MAYO Clinics, Rochester, Minnesota 1998
British Journal of Surgery travelling fellowship Royal Infirmary Oxford, Royal London Hospital 1994
Glaxo Travel Award 1993

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