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Modern Management of Thyroid Cancer: A Paradigm for Personalised Medicine

A presentation about new approaches to managing thyroid cancer, adopting a highly personalized approach tailored to a patient’s specific risk. Our speaker panel included leading national thyroid cancer experts and they will discuss how treatment pathways are balanced to optimize patient outcomes:

  • Prof Bruce Robinson: New medical therapies for high-risk thyroid cancers, offering new hope to these patients with previously poor outcomes.
  • A/Prof Diana Learoyd: The importance of not over-treating low risk thyroid cancer, discussing how expert clinicians use patient-specific features to identify those that require minimal treatment.
  • A/Prof Mark Sywak: Surgery for high risk thyroid cancer, identifying the need for careful pre-operative planning and the use of a multidiscplinary team approach.
  • Dr Geoff Schembri: Modern trends in radioactive iodine treatment, using risk-adjusted dosing.

Panel Discussion held on 8th August 2017 


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