Dr Wei Deng received her PhD in Chemistry with the background in the area of nanotechnology at Macquarie University in 2011 and received an ARC DECRA Fellowship in 2012. Dr Deng has worked at Macquarie University from April 2013 to June, 2018 as a Research Fellow. Currently she is conducting her research at UNSW as a senior Research Fellow.


Research Interests

Her research focuses on the development of nanocarriers incorporating drug/gene for cancer diagnostics. In particular, She has led the projects on development of diverse triggerable nanomaterials for cancer treatments, including an X-ray (or light) triggered liposomal delivery platform and light-triggered polymer nanocarriers for enhanced photodynamic therapy. These engineered gene/drug delivery systems are now a major strength of her research profile, attracting internal, cross-disciplinary and industry collaborations.

“Exploring a novel nanotechnology strategy for the neo-adjuvant treatment of rectal cancer by photodynamic therapy and ionising radiation”

Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand Foundation Research 2017

Year Award/ Honour Institution
2017 Ramsay Research and Teaching Fund – Project Award “Nanotechnology strategy for enhanced photodynamic therapy” Ramsay Healthcare 
2013 Discovery Early Career Researcher Award “Nanolamps: Unlocking targeted gene silencing in deep tissue with nanoparticle-based light sources” Australian Research Council 
2010 Deputy Vice Chancellor’s Commendation Award Macquarie University

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