Sydney Vital funds salaries for a Biobanking Technical Scientist (1.0FTE, HE O6) and a Biobanking Officer (1.0, HEO3). This has resulted in a continuing increase in the Biobanking inventory and applications for biospecimens and services with 17 translational cancer research projects supported during 2015.

The table below shows our Biobanking inventory as of 2015, made up of 9,281 fresh tissue aliquots; 521 paraffin blocks; 7,137 EDTA aliquots and 12,238 serum aliquots. We have banked Breast, Gynaecological, Endocrine, Neurological, Upper GI, and healthy male and female volunteers. Ongoing and excellent biobanking of clinically annotated pancreas specimens was vital to a Nature publication in 2015.

The Biobank Stakeholder Network Initiative, led by HCRA, SV and TCRN, and funded by CINSW, have developed a standardised consent form which was implemented in July 2015. You can find the form and other information on their website.

Sydney Vital has also provided funding to enable the production of a training module (online videos) for tissue banking of cancer samples and blood.

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