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2018 Neuroendocrine Tumour Q&A Session

On the August 9, 2018, Sydney Vital teamed up with The Unicorn Foundation to host the 2018 Neuroendocrine Tumour Q&A Session. The session saw over 100 attendees come together to hear about what’s new in Neuroendocrine Tumours and why research plays a vital role in patient outcomes.   The expert panel...

Fight on The Beaches, Christmas In July

The Bill Walsh Laboratory researchers at this year's ball Fight on the Beaches (FOTB) is a Northern Beaches fundraising group dedicated to finding a cure for cancer through funding Australia Researchers in the lab. Co-Chairperson, Michelle Heaton-Armstrong lost her beloved father at the age of 63 to oesophageal cancer. Heartbroken,...

NSW Premier’s Awards 2018

The annual NSW Premier’s Awards are back. Hosted by the Cancer Institute NSW, this year the Awards will recognise the achievements of individuals and teams that work in cancer research across NSW and showcase the outstanding work they have put in to lessen the impact of cancer. This year the Awards...

Dr Hilary Byrne Awarded Best Scholar In Training Prize

Dr Hilary Byrne, a Sydney Vital researcher, was recently awarded the Best Scholar in Training Presentation prize at the Association for Radiation Research annual meeting. The conference, held at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, attracted around 100 delegates in the radiation research field covering topics ranging from radiation chemistry and...

Dr Kelly McKelvey Awarded Sydney Vital Travel Award

Dr Kelly McKelvey, an early-career researcher was invited to present her Matt Callander Beanie for Brain Cancer HMRI Fellowship work funded by the Mark Hughes Foundation at the Association for Radiation Research (ARR) Conference 2018. This year it was held at the Queen’s University, Belfast and focused on multidisciplinary radiation...

Meet our Scholarship Awardees 2018

At Sydney Vital, we run annual top-up scholarship awards for researchers who propose innovative and outstanding research projects. Our scholarship candidates look to improve examinations for early diagnoses, treatments and quality of life.  Congratulations to the following members who were recently awarded a Sydney Vital Research Scholar Award.   Dr David Chan David...

Dr Aaron Tan Awarded Sydney Vital Travel Award

ASCO is perhaps one of the most anticipated events in the scientific calendar and every year it draws more than 30,000 oncology professionals from around the world to discuss key advances in cancer research. This year it was held in Chicago, USA with a scientific program expanding over five...

Ms Zizhen Ming Awarded Sydney Vital Travel Award

Sydney Vital would like to congratulate Ms Zizhen Ming for being selected as one of the travel award winners in this round, she used the award to support her attendance to the American Association for cancer research 2018. The American Association for cancer research 2018 (AACR 20188), held at the McCormick...

Katie’s Journey: Neuroendocrine Tumours

Katie Golden will be part of our expert panel on Thursday 9th August at the 2018 Neuroendocrine Tumour Q&A session. As a patient advocate, she represents people in NSW and Australia who have been diagnosed with the disease. Read her story below. "I am a 44 year old wife and...

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